BBC - Teaser - FINAL EN V1.2 from Daniel Niles on Vimeo.

I’m always such a proud wife! My husband is constantly blowing me away by his talent and his hard work and I’m very grateful that his work also acknowledges that. Well, I figured I’d share his video with you all! Hope everyone had a great weekend! We sure did because we were able to squeeze in a date night thanks to grandma for baby sitting!

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Spot me?

So my lovely husband made another video for work and my little nugget was actually in this one. lol Oh’ so proud and he isn’t even born yet!

My husband is so good at what he does he just leaves me in awe’ with all his creativity and imagination! 

-Happy Monday

More then Best friends..

Sometimes I just sit and wonder how or why God would give me the most incredible human being I have ever meet to spend the rest of my life with. How a man so caring, loving, giving, passionate, loyal and hard working would just want me and only me. Maybe I have been thinking about it even more lately because besides knowing him as my best friend and as a husband he will very soon be taking the role of a father. It’s honestly just mind blowing to think about it and feeling overwhelmed with joy. It’s only been three years together but from the first time I saw him I knew he’d be mine….

So Dan, I love you and I can’t wait to open up a new chapter with you..

Sick Baby..

It breaks my heart to see him sick..last night he got home from a baseball game with a really bad ear ache, I sometimes think he’s exaggerating but then it hit me, around the time he got bells palsy his ear was also hurting and at the same time last year… so i told him to leave work early and head out to see his dr’. lets hope its just an ear infection! 

His Work:

So not too long ago I’ve had some questions about what my husband does for a living & as I mentioned he has the title of a senior graphic designer & as of lately has been also working on videos. So, just a few weeks ago they had their annual event and I am just so proud of how hard he works that I wanted to share with all of you one of his videos…


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2 Year Anniersary:

Every day since we’ve been together has been special and our Anniversary merely reminds us of that day when God binded us to be one forever..  

Daniel, you have a heart that is so trusting and always giving. The biggest & most gentle soul full of love. I have no idea what I did to deserve such an amazing man like you but all I can do to show you how much you mean to me is to always put you and your wants, desires and needs before me! It’s already been two years but I couldn’t more excited than I am today to enjoy many more special days like these with you & our growing family. 

Back then we wouldn’t have imagined that very soon we would be adding a little man to our lives I wonder what many more blessings God has in store for us. I love you

-your wife

Being the man that my husband is, which is beyond artistic and creative his present got me all teary eyed! well actually a fire work of tears were on from how creative and detailed he is.. So since I am on bed rest and can’t go any where he decided to bring the restaurant to me along with the rest of my presents =)